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During 7 days, you’ll be planning your dream trip to Spain with our coaching. Every question you send over the seven-day period will be answered with a guaranteed response time of 24 hours.

What is the difference between Spain at Your Pace services and a travel agencie?

  • Guidance on your overall itinerary, including which places to see, and how long to spend in each place – all based on your interests.

  • Specific suggestions for each day based on your interests; recommendations for hotels, restaurants, guides and activities.

  • Budgeting advice (such as what to expect to pay for visiting the Alhambra in high season).

  • How to get from Madrid to Granada?

  • Which are the best airlines to get to Barcelona from London?

  • Transfers from the airport to your hotel

How does 7 day Spain Travel Coaching service

1. Initial consultation, introduce yourself.

Email us with your questions. Tell us what you think it is important for your trip. Based on our experience, email is the best option if you want to have clear information and get everything in writing. However, Skype is acceptable too.

Send us an email introducing yourself. Be sure to include information on the following:

  • The number of days you will be in Spain.
  • The number of travelers in your party.
  • The dates, if you have them.
  • Your interests and goals for this trip to Spain. Such us whether want to include any of the following in your trip: castles, churches, great food, great wine, cooking classes, vineyard tours, hiking, skiing, soccer, beaches, mountains, hot springs, historical museums, aquariums, theme parks, opera, pubs, views, outdoor markets, festivals, shopping.
  • Describe an ideal travel day so we get an idea of your travel pace.Describe, if you can, an ideal trip that you had to any other European city
    The more specific you can be, the better we’ll be able to work for you!

2. Reply.

One of our Spanish Travel Consultants will reply to you and ask for further information if necessary. If we are confident that we fully understand your needs, we’ll inform you we can start working on your project immediately.

3. 7-days coaching.

Once we are confident that we fully understand your needs, we’ll send an email that initiates and marks the seven-day period. Any questions you have already sent will be answered within 24 hours.

4. Payment.

After the seven days of coaching, you’ll have to send us the payment of the value of the service (USD 289) through PayPal.

A Note on Availability
Because this is a very customized service, we only accept a limited number of coaching clients at any given time. However, if we are unable to provide coaching services during the week, you’ll be given priority for the next available coaching week.

Shall we start planning your trip to Spain?

Share your first ideas with us and a travel agent will contact you very soon.