How to plan your visit to the Alhambra de Granada in Spain

The Alhambra in Granada is a must seen when traveling around Spain. Get in this article all the information and tips on how to visit the Alhambra de Granada in Spain.


Alhambra Palace Spain


 What will I see in the Alhambra?

The Alhambra in granada is an ancient city located in front of the Albaicín hill, which contains a set of palaces. From 1238 until 1492, Granada was the capital of the Nasrid Kingdom or Emirate of Granada. The South of the Iberian Peninsula was an Islamic State, and all of the Nasrid kings lived in the Alhambra in Granada. Later, the Christian king Carlos V would not be less, and also decided to build a Palace for him. The architecture, decoration, history and the environment that surrounds the Alhambra de Granada are spectacular. We recommend 100% visit to this piece of history.


How to visit the Alhambra

First of all, you have book your tikets in advance. Then, you’ll have to go to the Alhambra the day and time that it is shown on your ticket.

In the Alhambra you can also buy tickets, but once you’ll get there, all of them will be probably sold out. So don’t take risks and book your tickets to the Alhambra through Ticketmasters official site.

Alhambra palace

The Alhambra is a very large enclosure. You’d better plan your visit before going there. Enter to the official website of the Alhambra in Granada (which I must said that it is not very intuitive) and read how can you organize your visit to the Alhambra. You will see on the site that there are different options when purchasing your tickets to the Alhambra. You will even have the opportunity of visiting the Alhambra by night.


When to visit the Alhambra?

Generally speaking, a good moment of the year to visit Granada is during May. Days are quite long, so you’ll have time to spare for the visit. From March, the Alhambra will be open until 8pm (winter closes at 6pm). In that case, it is going to be very difficult to watch the sunset from the monument. We recommend enjoying the sunset watching the Alhambra, from the Albaicín. The postcard photos that you will get are going to be impressive.

Alhambra Jeanne Menjoulet

How long the visit to the Alhambra takes?

The Alhambra is huge. Some people can see all the monumental area in just 2 hours, but others prefer to spend the day there. If that’s going to be your first time in La Alhambra, you can find yourself walking through very beautiful walks but without getting the idea of the history and the meaning of the art that is within that awesome monument. From our point of view, we think it is highly recommended that you make the visit in the morning with a guide, and then, if you need more time to explore the Alhambre, stay as long as you want strolling the area.

[quote align=”center” color=”#999999″]It is highly recommended that you make the visit in the morning with a guide, and then, if you need more time to explore the Alhambre, stay as long as you want strolling the area[/quote]

Where to make the reservation for the Alhambra tickets

Check out at the Alhambra official website which sort of tickets can you get for visiting the Alhambra. These are scheduled in 30-minute increments. Visitors can enter at any time during their 30-minute window and stay until the end of their (morning or afternoon) session. Please note that Evening Visits offer limited access to the Alhambra sights as well as a shorter visiting time.

Standard price Alhambra tickets: 14,30€

1. How to buy the Alhambra tickets Online:

Choose your ticket to enter the Alhambra in Granada and follow the steps to get your receipt.

You will have to take into account the following details:

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  • If you buy a ticket with a discount, you will have to go to the front door with your Passport.
  • At the end of the Ticketmaster purchase, you will get an e-mail with the information of your ticket and the time that you must be in the Nasrid Palace (which is located in the interior of the Alhambra). You have to go to the main gate at least one hour before the entrance to the Nasrid Palace
  • When you arrive at the main gate of the Alhambra goo to the Ticketmaster/ServiCaixa machine. Enter the same credit card you used to make the booking and print your tickets to the Alhambra
  • Already have your tickets? You can now go to the gardens of the Generalife. You have a time until you reach the entrance to the Nasrid Palace, about 20 minutes. So enjoy the gardens.


2. Buying Alhambra Tickets offline

Ok, now the offline options where you can buy your Tickets for the Alhambra:

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  • La Caixa Bank ATM Servicaixa. Once you’ll be in Spain, you’ll be able to buy your tickets at any of La Caixa ATMs, at least one day in advance. The Caixa bank offices (Open Monday to Friday from 8:15 am to 2:00 pm), though you can use their ATMs 24hours.Caixa Terminal Locator
  • The store of the Alhambra in the Reyes Catolicos Street no. 40 in Granada. Pay with your credit card. If you buy your ticket there, enter the Alhambra for the door of Justice and you do not need to go all the way to the top entrance of the Alhambra to get in
  • Many hotels have the Alhambra tickets to sell
  • Tourist Bono Granada Card. It is the typical bonus that includes multiple entries to different tourist attractions of Granada. Including, of course, the entrance to the Alhambra. The three day adult ticket costs 33.50 euros (as of May, 2013).  In this case, you’ll be able too to buy your ticket in advance and you’ll make sure to have access to La Alhambra de Granada.



Where to eat in La Alhambra de Granada

This is a difficult question to answer, since it is a weak point of the visit to the Alhambra. The food used to be expensive and bad. There are several vending machines, but logically, after three hours walking, you’re not going to eat just M&M’s snaks bags!

So we believe that the best option is going to the restaurant of El Parador. Inside you will see that there is a casual lounge where you can enjoy snacks, and in inside the restaurant, for 34 euros you can have a good Menu of the day (a meal where you’ll be able to choose between 3 first dishes, second 3 plates and 3 deserts + water + bread). It is a bit expensive, but around the Alhambra, it will be hard to find something good and cheap.

Alhambra granada spain - Shoes on wires

Tourism offices in Granada

For further information, in addition to the Alhambra official website, you can go to any tourist office in Granada:

1. Oficina Municipal de Información Turística en Granada

Ayuntamiento de Granada. Plaza del Carmen, s/n
Tel: 958 248 280

2. Oficina de Información Turística del Patronato Provincial de Granada
Plaza Mariana Pineda, 10 bajo
Tel: 958-247-128

3. Oficina de Turismo de la Junta de Andalucía
Santa Ana, 2
Tel: 958-575-202

4. Oficina de Turismo de la Junta de Andalucía en la Alhambra
Avenida Generalife, s/n
Tel: 958-544-002



Hope you’ll enjoy your visit to the Alhambra de Granada in Spain! I leave you with nice pictures of the Alhambra

Alhambra Granada art and architecture


Alhambra gardens granada spain

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    Hi Maria I’m planning to visit Alhambra but all tickets have been sold out including ticketmaster. Is the option to buy tickets from La Caixa bank and BBVA option still available. If so can we buy them in Madrid itself… If not is there any other way we can get the ticket in advance
    Jaya Deepak

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      Hi Jaya,
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    Hi Maria,

    I am planning to visit Alhambra but all the tickets have been sold on ticketmaster website. Is there any other way I can buy tickets please, thank you!

    • Maria April 5, 2016 at 5:32 PM - Reply

      It is difficult to get tickets once they are soldout in the official website. I will contact you on email and give you a couple of ideas and you let me know how it goes.

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    Hi Maria, I will be going to Granada and I am planning to visit Alhambra in August 2016. My question is, if I manage to get a ticket through Ticketmaster, will I be allowed to pick up the ticket one day in advance from one of the pick-up points?
    For example, I will be in Granada from Sunday, 21 Aug 2016 to Tuesday, 23 Aug 2016. I am planning to visit Alhambra on Monday, 22 Aug 2016. Will I then be able to pick up my ticket on Sunday, so that I can just go directly inside on Monday/


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