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What I missed of Spain while traveling

Spanish things I used to miss when traveling during my gap year Years ago, I decided to take a break of my professional career and started traveling as far as I could. I am from Spain, so the further I could go during my gap year was New Zealand. After living and working in NZ, I moved to Australia, and finally to South East Asia. by Luca Asen I love all these countries. The experiences, cultures, people in each country were cool. Beautiful landscapes, food and music. I didn’t miss Spain a lot. Just from time to time. Like 1st January 2011, when I was alone in Queenstown and I missed my family. But I was lucky and, by casualty, I met a friend that I previously made in Wellington. She just cheered me up while having a nice meal and encouraged me to keep traveling. That’s one of the good things about traveling. You meet marvelous people along the way. But apart from this tiny episode, I was happy traveling my own journey. I felt I was again discovering new things and becoming a better person. [quote align="center" color="#999999"]Nowadays Spain is collapsed into a serious financial crisis. Experts say things will improve during 2014. But just in case things don’t get better, I just want to share with you some thoughts that I used to have while travelling. Even if things are not working properly talking about economy, I am still feeling so happy that I was born in Spain and Europe. I think sharing some optimism is a great thing to do when starting a new year![/quote] These are few of the things about Spain I used to miss while traveling (or things I was awared I'm very lucky for having them): 1. I have a European passport: it’s amazing the freedom that a passport gives you. I remember meeting travelers from different countries who had to do lots of bureaucracy for getting a visa to have an access to [...]


Skiing in Spain. Where the best ski resorts in Spain are located?

Skiing in Spain Want to go skiing in Spain? If you are planning your holidays for this winter season in Europe, why don't you travel to Spain and go skiing? There are not only beaches in Spain. Keep reading and check out where to find the best ski resorts in Spain. Where to ski in Spain? Spain is known for Gaudi architecture, flamenco, the Alhambra, for its beaches, sunshine and good gastronomy. High season holidays are during summer, from June to Septembre. But why don't you plan your vacations in winter and you go skiing in Spain? Spain is the second country in Europe with more number of ski resorts after Switzerland. Hence, if you really enjoy skiing or snowboarding, or even if you're a newe, in Spain you'll be able to choose between 36 good quality ski resorts which will offer premium facilities and services for tourists and visitors. The best resorts for skiing in Spain are located in: The Pyrenees: ski resorts located between Spain and France. Hence, you'll find ski stations in both sides of the Pyrenees. Sierra Nevada ski resort in southern Spain: fancy waking up early in the morning in Granada, go skiing in Sierra Nevada where the ski resorts next to the city are located and going back to Granada for enjoying the sunset while watching the views of the Alhambra de Granada from the Parador de San Nicolás? It sounds good, uh? Granada is a beautiful region in Spain, where you will be able to enjoy its mountains, beaches, moorish architecture and even enjoy one of the most beautiful horse riding tours in Spain along the beach. Andorra ski holidays: Yes, we know Andorra it's a country itself. It's located in the Pyrenees. If you're spending your holidays in Barcelona, why don't you take a two days break and go to Andorra for skiing. Plus, if you're one of these lucky people who can work your way or for whatever reason, you are able to spend 2-3 months [...]


Our gallery of the best 2013 pictures of Spain

2014 has started and we left 2013 behind. With all its good and bad things. We want though, to remember the good ones. We've been writting post, sharing with you commentis, tips and information about travelling around Spain. We've been travellers too, keeping our interest in getting more knowledge about this beautiful country. From all these experiences, we've been taking photos and some friends have lend it to us. Now it's time to remember our selection of the best 2013 pictures of Spain.   Best 2013 Andalucia photos [gdl_gallery title="Best 2013 Andalucia photos" width="100" height="100" ]   Best 2013 photos of Madrid [gdl_gallery title="Best 2013 photos of Madrid" width="100" height="100" ]   Best 2013 northern Spain photos [gdl_gallery title="Best 2013 northern Spain photos" width="100" height="100" ]   Best 2013 pictures of Barcelona [gdl_gallery title="Best 2013 pictures of Barcelona" width="100" height="100" ]   Best 2013 photos of Catalunya [gdl_gallery title="Best 2013 photos of Catalunya" width="100" height="100" ]   Best 2013 Spanish festivals photos [gdl_gallery title="Best 2013 Spanish festivals photos" width="100" height="100" ]   We wish you the best for 2014 and HAPPY TRAVELS!


Horse riding holidays Spain

Horse riding holidays Spain Taking horse riding holidays in Spain is one of the most beautiful attractions you can enjoy. No matter if you are visiting the north or the south. Though Andalucia is one of the most popular regions in Spain for getting your horse riding tour in Spain, the northern area of the country is popular too for viewing its beautiful landscapes while enjoying a horse riding day trip. Keep reading and get some information and tips for enjoying the best horse riding holidays in Spain. Horse riding tours in Spain Spain is known for having some of the best horse breeds in the world. It's a shame to visit the country for vacations without having the opportunity of contract one, or maybe two, horse riding tours in Spain. There are options for everyone and every needs: Family horse riding holidays in Spain, tours riding a horse for beginners, day trips or luxury horse riding holidays. [quote align="center" color="#999999"]For solo travelers, for groups, for beginners, for families and even luxury horse riding tours. Southern and northern Spain. Just Find the horse riding tour that really suits you. [/quote] Family horse riding holidays in Spain You're traveling with your kids, and you're not feeling conficent on how are they going to enjoy this activity. Don't worry about it. Your kids will have the opportunity to learn how to ride a horse at Centro Ecuestre Doble A (Lizaso) in the Basque Country. They will be able to stay an entire day, or even 9 days,to get familiar with these beg animals. Once they are ready, you'll be able to enjoy your family horse riding holidays in Spain getting out the forest and follow the tracks with an expert guide tour. If your kids never get used to this activity, do not desperate, get a nice ponny for your excursion to the forest. Addresse: C/ San Simón s/n – 31799 Lizaso Telephone for bookings: 649 102 204 / 948 305 333 eMail: Centro Ecuestre Doble [...]


How to plan your visit to the Alhambra de Granada in Spain

The Alhambra in Granada is a must seen when traveling around Spain. Get in this article all the information and tips on how to visit the Alhambra de Granada in Spain.      What will I see in the Alhambra? The Alhambra in granada is an ancient city located in front of the Albaicín hill, which contains a set of palaces. From 1238 until 1492, Granada was the capital of the Nasrid Kingdom or Emirate of Granada. The South of the Iberian Peninsula was an Islamic State, and all of the Nasrid kings lived in the Alhambra in Granada. Later, the Christian king Carlos V would not be less, and also decided to build a Palace for him. The architecture, decoration, history and the environment that surrounds the Alhambra de Granada are spectacular. We recommend 100% visit to this piece of history.   How to visit the Alhambra First of all, you have book your tikets in advance. Then, you'll have to go to the Alhambra the day and time that it is shown on your ticket. In the Alhambra you can also buy tickets, but once you’ll get there, all of them will be probably sold out. So don't take risks and book your tickets to the Alhambra through Ticketmasters official site. The Alhambra is a very large enclosure. You’d better plan your visit before going there. Enter to the official website of the Alhambra in Granada (which I must said that it is not very intuitive) and read how can you organize your visit to the Alhambra. You will see on the site that there are different options when purchasing your tickets to the Alhambra. You will even have the opportunity of visiting the Alhambra by night.   When to visit the Alhambra? Generally speaking, a good moment of the year to visit Granada is during May. Days are quite long, so you'll have time to spare for the visit. From March, the Alhambra will be open until 8pm (winter closes at [...]


How to buy RENFE train tickets online

Booking a train ticket at RENFE’s website can be very annoying, as the website is not the best concerning bookings and often the English version doesn't work properly. But it is worth booking your ticket in advance through Renfe’s site and without a travel agency help, as you’ll be able to save money. To help booking your train tickets in Spain, here you’ve got a step by step guide on how to buy Renfe train tickets online. How to book Renfe train tickets online, step by step guide. Explaining how to make an online booking at Renfe’s can be a bit complicated, but I will try to keep it simple. Let’s start with an example of buying an AVE ticket Barcelona-Madrid. [message_box title="Tarifa 4 mesa 4 plazas..." color="red"]I've notice lots of our readers are looking for tarifa 4 mesa 4 plazas enfrentadas con o sin mesa translation . We want to make your reading efficient. Follow the link if that's your case.[/message_box] Go to Renfe's website for start buying your train ticket online Stay on the Spanish version. I tried to make a booking on the English version and it didn’t work. Click on the options “ida” (one way), “ida y vuelta” (return) or multiple. “Origen” (departure) in this example we will choose “Barcelona *”. Why the asterisk option? Renfe’s website will show you all the stations in Barcelona. But not all the trains that depart from Barcelona to Madrid stop on all those stations. If you choose for example “Barcelona – Plaza de Catalunya”, the result will be “there are no trains for this selection”. You better click at the Asterix option and like this, Renfe will show you all the results. “Destino” (arrival): Let’s click on “Madrid *” “Salida”, meaning the day you would like to leave Barcelona. In this example I will choose 22nd October “Regreso”: the day you would like to come back to Barcelona. I’ll say 25th October “Viajeros”: number of travelers “Tarjeta joven” and “Tarjeta dorada”: don’t pay [...]


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