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Inspiring books for your trip to Spain

Sometimes, we want to travel and to schedule our holidays, and we don’t know exactly where to go. We like travelling, but the world is so big and there are so many countries, cities and places to go, that the decision where to spend your next holidays can be a bit overwhelming. We've chosen 13 inspiring books to travel around Spain for helping taking the decision to visit this marvelous country. by aafromaa 1. Death in the Afternoon by Ernest Hemingway Not everyone likes bullfighting. Some people think that it should be banned as may attempt to the animal rights. However, in some cities in Spain, bullfighting is still a tradition and for the ones who want to watch one of those events, reading the book can be so interesting as Hemingway describes that tradition and the Spanish culture in a journalistic way. 2. The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho. The story of how universe can help you to achieve goals that you really want to fight for. The main character is a young shepherd from Spain who decides travel to Egypt.   3. The Train in Spain by Christopher Howse You’ll get the vision of those tiny little towns in Spain and how locals live. The author describes his 10 journeys by train across Spain. Towns like Cáceres, Cuenca and the villages in the south are well explained. It’s a good portrait of the Spanish culture.   4. The shadow of the wind By Carlos Ruiz Zafón One of my favorite novels. Written by a Spanish author. The story happens in Barcelona, after the Spanish Civil War. It tells the story of young boy who must protect a book for the rest of his life and who starts to investigate about its author. Once you’ll finish the book, you’ll feel like traveling to Barcelona and start visiting all the different streets, small squares and places described in the book. There’s even a tour in Barcelona related to The shadow of the wind .   5. [...]

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What is the menu of the day?

Generally speaking, Spaniards have 5 meals during the day: breakfast early in the morning, second breakfast at 10am, lunch at 2 or 2.30pm, a break during the afternoon (6.30pm) and dinner at 9pm. The big meal is normally lunch, and it consist of a first plate, a second plate and a dessert. While traveling to Spain, you'll find restaurants offering the "menu del dia" (menu of the day). Keep reading and find out what menu of the day means. El menu del dia (The menu of the day) Since few years ago, Spain has been hit by a massive financial crisis, that Spaniards are trying to save money and not spend too much. But if we think on what was happening before the crisis, during good times, many of them used to have lunch in restaurants from Monday to Friday. In Spain, office timetables are a bit crazy. People go to work from 9am to 7pm. And they have an hour and a half for having their lunch. To get more loyal clients, so many years ago, restaurants started offering what was called 'el menu del dia' (the menu of the day), which consisted in a short menu for a very reasonable price. Like this, workers had the opportunity to leave the office during one hour an a half and have a good priced meal to recover some energy before going back to work. This is how the menu of the day was born, and now it is an extended habit in most of the Spanish restaurants, to offer the menu of the day from Monday to Friday, for lunch only. What will I get if I ask for 'el menú del día' Now, remember what you call in English 'menu' in Spain you should ask for 'la carta' (por favor :-)). And, generally speaking, when Spaniards ask the waiter 'what's in the menu?' they are referring to 'the menu of the day'. [quote align="center" color="#999999"]Remember: 'Menu' in English should be translated in Spanish like [...]


Pyrenees ski resorts – Practical information to enjoy skiing in the Pyrenees

Which are the best Pyrenees ski resorts? Not everything in Spain is about beaches, sunshine and fiesta. If so, what would Spaniards do in winter? Skiing in Spain is a great option to enjoy winter in Spain. Some of the best resorts are located in the Pyrenees. Keep reading to figure out how to enjoy skiing in the Pyrenees and where are located the best Pyrenees ski resorts. Ski resorts near Barcelona Barcelona offers different options for every kind of visitor. Even if it's a city located near the sea, in a couple of hours, you'll be enjoying practicing winter sports in the mountains between Spain and France. Some of the best Pyerenees ski resorts are located in France, and others in Spain. Obviously, the ones in Spain are nearest Barcelona, but driving one more hour to get to some of the best skiing in french Pyrenees resorts could be a very good option to avoid crowds. Skiing in Andorra Andorra is a tiny country in the Pyrenees. Its location makes this country one of the paradise in Spain for ski lovers. Planning your ski holidays in Andorra can be a great option if you want to enjoy skiing during your stay in Spain. Pyrenees ski resorts: La Molina If you're staying and visiting Barcelona in winter, during the ski season, why don't you spend one day skiing in La Molina ski resort? This one, is connected with La Masella resort and both are 3 hours driving from Barcelona. Some locals wake up early in the morning, drive during 3 hours and spend one entire day skiing in La Molina ski resort. La Molina and La Masella, wich used to be two different ski resorts, are now a unique one. That's why they offer ski slopes whatever your ski level expertise is. Skiing at night in La Molina - La Masella Fancy enjoying skiing at night? Since this season, you have now the opportunity to practice your favourite sport in La Masella at night. [...]


Las fallas festival in Valencia. When, how and where to enjoy it

In March a big Festival takes place in Spain: Las Fallas de Valencia. From 1st to 19th the city is immerse in a nice and funny atmosphere where locals and visitors walk around the streets to enjoy the big figures in the streets called ninots. Las fallas in Spain and its fireworks is one of the most important and popular festivals in the country. Don't miss it! What is Las Fallas? Las Fallas is the name of the festival and how they call the monuments or big "ninots". It takes place in the city of Valencia, always in March, and the big day is on the 19th March as it is Saint Joseph's Day, the sait who protects the city, and when all the ninots except one, will be burned. The Fallas or Ninots takes an entire year to complete, as people from each neighbourhood in the city create one of these big monuments for the festival. All the nintos have a satirical or critithism purpose, generaly speaking, about the two main plots Spanish people talk about in bars: politics and football or soccer. The contest of Las Fallas Festival in Valencia Almost each neighbourhood has been working for building a falla or ninot during an entire year. For what? Well, for being exhibited on the 16th March, when the festival starts, in the street and for being burned on the 19th at night, during La Crema. But wait, there's much more than this. Each neighbourhood has a falla for children (infantil) and an adult's falla (mayor). The jury of the contest will fall 14 fallas into the Special Edición category, and these are the most expensive, bigger and impressive fallas. The ones you must see. And on the 19th, the jury will indult one of the ninots. So only one of the Fallas will escape from the burning. The rest of the fallas, all of them, will be burned. The Fallas infantiles (the ones for kids) will start burning on the 19th March [...]


How to cook the real Spanish omelette

Various restaurants I've visited in my foreign travels have offered what they called a Spanish omelette, usually something with a mix of vegetables. A genuine Spanish omelette, however, is made a certain way, and for those who've tried it there is just no substitute.   To make a real Spanish omelette, follow these easy directions (to serve four): Spanish omelette (tortilla de patatas) recipie [list type="check"] 5 eggs 2 large potatoes 1 Spanish onion Salt Olive oil [/list]   Step 1: Wash and cut the potatoes into thin slices (2 cm x 2 cm x 3 mm) and sprinkle with salt. Try to cut them more or less the same size so they cook evenly and finish at the same time. Chop the onion into very small pieces. Pour a good amount of olive oil into the pan, and heat. To test, place a single slice of potato into the pan. You'll see bubbles appearing around the potato, and the oil will sparkle. Place all the potatoes into the pan and fry them. Once they become a bit soft, add the onion. (Onions need less time to cook than potatoes do, so they're added a few minutes later.) Once the potatoes are browned (but not blackened), remove the potatoes and onions from the pan and drain on a plate with paper towels.   Step 2: Place the potatoes and onion in a bowl. Beat the eggs with a bit of salt and add them to the potatoes and onion. Thoroughly mix without breaking up the potato slices.   Step 3: Hit the pan again with just a drizzle of olive oil (not as much as before), so that the tortilla won't stick. Before you add the egg mixture, potato and onion to the pan, it's important to check the temperature of the oil. Place a drop of egg into the pan. It should cook instantly. If not, wait a bit longer. If you put the mixture into the pan when it's still cold, the tortilla will [...]


Ski in Andorra – Where and how to spend your ski holidays in Andorra

Ski holidays in Andorra If you are looking for skiing or snowboarding combined with shopping and cultural visits, Andorra is your place to go. Andorra is a tiny country located in the Pyrenees. The best ski resorts in southern Europe are located in Andorra. Because ski is one of the main industry of the country, you'll find lots of facilites and good quality ski resorts. Andorra La Vella is the capital of the country, where you'll be able to do some shopping or even spend the afternoon relaxing at Caldea Spa hot springs. Andorra La Vella is located 20 minutes far from the ski resorts. Other interesting villages where to stay next to the main Andorra ski resorts are La Massana, Encamp or Canillo. Ski resorts in Andorra There are two big ski stations in Andorra and going there you'll be able to ski in 8 different ski resorts without having to take off your skies: Vallnord and Granvalira. Vallnord: big ski resort in Andorra, which connects Pal-Arinsal-Ordino-Arcalís ressorts.69 ski slopes (16 green, 21 blue,26 red and 6 black) and 93 total kilometers. Check forfait prices on its website. You'll be able to check one day forfait price (35-40€ aprox)and the Andorra Ski Pass cost too. Granvalira: this ski resort is a fusion of Pas de la Casa-Grau Roig and Soldeu-El Tarter resorts.118 ski slopes (20 green, 41 blue,35 red and 22 black) and 210 total kilometers. Grandvalira forfait prices: 44 Euros / day. Grandvalira Andorra ski Pass: from 470 Euros an entire season. Andorra ski season dates Andorra ski season 2013-2014 dates are from November 30, 2013 to April 21, 2014. These are the initial dates, though it could take a bit longer depending on the weather and snow conditions. Andorra ski pass Grandvalira resort offers the Andorra ski pass for those who want to spend an entire season skiing in Andorra. Different prices and options depending on the days of the week you would like to ski and your age. Check out Andorra [...]


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