Skiing in Spain. Where the best ski resorts in Spain are located?

Skiing in Spain

Want to go skiing in Spain? If you are planning your holidays for this winter season in Europe, why don’t you travel to Spain and go skiing? There are not only beaches in Spain. Keep reading and check out where to find the best ski resorts in Spain.

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Where to ski in Spain?

Spain is known for Gaudi architecture, flamenco, the Alhambra, for its beaches, sunshine and good gastronomy. High season holidays are during summer, from June to Septembre. But why don’t you plan your vacations in winter and you go skiing in Spain?

Spain is the second country in Europe with more number of ski resorts after Switzerland. Hence, if you really enjoy skiing or snowboarding, or even if you’re a newe, in Spain you’ll be able to choose between 36 good quality ski resorts which will offer premium facilities and services for tourists and visitors.

The best resorts for skiing in Spain are located in:

Skiing snowboarding in spainThe Pyrenees: ski resorts located between Spain and France. Hence, you’ll find ski stations in both sides of the Pyrenees.

Sierra Nevada ski resort in southern Spain: fancy waking up early in the morning in Granada, go skiing in Sierra Nevada where the ski resorts next to the city are located and going back to Granada for enjoying the sunset while watching the views of the Alhambra de Granada from the Parador de San Nicolás? It sounds good, uh? Granada is a beautiful region in Spain, where you will be able to enjoy its mountains, beaches, moorish architecture and even enjoy one of the most beautiful horse riding tours in Spain along the beach.

Andorra ski holidays: Yes, we know Andorra it’s a country itself. It’s located in the Pyrenees. If you’re spending your holidays in Barcelona, why don’t you take a two days break and go to Andorra for skiing. Plus, if you’re one of these lucky people who can work your way or for whatever reason, you are able to spend 2-3 months in a region abroad, why don’t improve your ski and snowboarding skills getting a Andorra Ski Pass for an entire ski season?

[quote align=”center” color=”#999999″]The good thing of having the opportunity to enjoy skiing or snowboarding in Spain, is that some of the main stations are located next to the most interesting cities and cultures of the country, as Granada or Barcelona.[/quote]

Other popular resorts for enjoy skiing in Spain

Cordillera Cantábrica ski resorts: Other ski resorts in Spain and not so popular, are the ones located in the north west area of the country, in the Cantabric Mountains. The Picos de Europa mountains are located in that area and are very popular for offering good kiking options for mountain lovers. Few ski resorts are located there too, as Manzaneda, Leitariegos,Valgrande-Pajares, San Isidro or Alto Campoo.

Go skiing near Madrid: There are three ski resorts located near the capital of Spain:La Pinilla, Valdesqui and Nevacerrada. It may be a good option going skiing a couple of days before taking your flight back home.

Ski resorts near Teruel and Valencia: these are maybe not be best ski resorts in Spain, but are cute, cheap and not as popular and crowded as the ones in Andorra or the resorts located near Barcelona. If you’re spending your winter holidays in Valencia, it might be a good option to go skiing to Javalambre or Valdelinares.

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But, why should you go skiing in Spain instead of goint to the Alps?

The good thing of having the oportunity of enjoy skiing or snowboarding in Spain, is that some of the main stations are located next to the most interesting cities and cultures of the country, as Granada or Barcelona. And, yes, ski resorts located in the Apls are big and have very good quality facilities, but at the same time, are far more expensive than the ones in Spain.

Plus, remember most of the resorts in the Pyrenees, Andorra and Sierra Nevada own the Q award for the excelent quality tourism facilities and servicesr.

When does the ski season in Spain starts?

That’s a difficult question to answer, as it will always depend on the weather. Generally speaking, the ski season in Andorra, Pyrenees and Sierra Nevada starts around the first week of December and it will end after Easter.

If the weather is not generous enough, the ski resorts in Spain are able to still offer good quality snow for skiing thanks to the artificial snow cannons. Hence, good ski is guarranteed.

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Remember we’ll be happy to help planning a taylor made skiing trip to Spain created just for you. Just send us a message and one of our Spanish Travel Consultants will give you a hand with that task.

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