Snow in Barcelona!

Would you recognize this city if Sagrada Familia was not starring? Barcelona covered by snow, what an unusual view! We love it! Do you?


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Snow in Barcelona is not usual at all. A couple of weeks ago, I went out to dinner with some friends. It was rather cold, yes, but I couldn’t imagine that I should use my hood to cover me from the snow while I was going back home!
I woke up the next day. It was Saturday and I wanted to go running along the Carretera de les Aigües. Impossible. When I woke up, the city was covered in snow!
It is so rare to have this snowing weather in Barcelona that people go crazy when it happens and  sometimes, with just 5 cms of snow thickness, the city collapses during a day or two. However it’s always fun and you’ll always find kids playing with the snow.
But do not worry about it. Generally speaking, the sun appears immediately.Barcelona is not like London, Paris and Berlin. Which are beautiful, interesting cities (I’ve visited each of them more than once, and I recommend that you do the same). However, the weather in those cities is often less than inspiring. After all, rain is a frequent occurrence in northern Europe; snow, fog and low temperatures are of course normal in winter. Now, think about Greece, Italy and . . . Spain. Here it’s beautiful in January, just as it is in August. For example, in 2012, Barcelona’s peak August temperature was 35ºC and the lowest in December was 10ºC. However, if you’re ever too cool on the peninsula, you can always take a two-hour flight to the Canary Islands and enjoy the nice, warm weather.
If you’re someone who likes winter sports, you don’t need to get a flight to the Alps. Just head to the Sierra Nevada in Granada or the Pyrenees, and you’ll be enjoying skiing or snowboarding in very good conditions . . . with very affordable pricing.


Note: I like this picture, it is really cool. I took it from these guys SpanishAustralia Facebook page.



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