Rock climbing in Spain: Andalucia

Andalusia and Catalonia are the Spanish regions with more number of climbing locations. This is due to the combination of good climate and good rocks and mountains along the territory. If you like enjoying this sport and outdoors activities while travelling, try to spend a couple of days on any of the following spots while visiting Spain. I will focus now mainly on rock climbing in Málaga, Granada and Almeria.


Rock climbing in Malaga

El Chorro

No doubt, this is the most popular school for rock climbing in Spain, and the most international. With its more than 850 routes is one of the best areas for climbing on the Iberian Peninsula. Rocks average height is 20 meters and the maximum height is about 230.

The Caminito del Rey (King’s little way) is a very popular, a precarious 3 kilometers walkway through the gorge that sometimes it’s referred to as one of the most dangerous in the world. It is a beautiful and charming place, but due to its poor condition and several accidents (some fatal) nowadays it is closed to the public. This, however, doesn’t stop climbers to access the area from different points. But be carefull, if you get caught by authorities, you’ll have to pay a huge fine, up to 6000 euros.


El Chorro is not only amazing for the rock climbing itself. A friend of mine, who’s also a travel blogger, Nomadbiba, and a good rock climber went there a couple of months ago, and she said the atmosphere there was cool and, although camping was prohibited, there are several hostels where you’ll find other travelers passionate about rock climbing. Very good vibes.



Archidona is one of the best places to climb in Malaga, with 70 routes and a maximum height of 48 meters, you’ll be able to climb any time during the entire year. To reach the area, you’ll have to take a track from Archidona. It [quote align=”left” color=”#999999″]If you are looking for nice hostels around the area, try with these guys. They’ll show you affordable and good price hostels around Spain and you’ll have the opportunity to get some discounts from their site.[/quote]will split in two ways: La Hoya (better during winter) and La Cueva (good spot for climbing during summer). Remember for sleeping, and get some food and drinks, you’ll have to go back to the village.


Rock climbing in Almería


In Aguadulce you’ll find this nice spot where you’ll be able to enjoy easy rock climbing next to the sea. The average rocks height is 12 metres, and the maximum is 30 meters. I would recommend you to go there during spring time, as summer is quite hot in the area.

If you want to climb in Aguadulce, note that it is advisable to carry water surplus (the village is around 30 km away) and if you want to sleep you can not do it via walking, but that you will have to stay at a campsite that is very close to the sector of the carob. Of course if you go in summer take a bathing suit because the beach is very close and it is beautiful.

Keep in mind that the village is aproximately 30 kilometers from the climbing spot. For sleeping, go to la Garrofa, and visit the nice and beautiful beaches of the area.


Rock climbing in Granada

Cachorros (Monachil)

You’ll find in Cachorros more than 250 routes. The environment is beautiful and nice any time during the year. The average height is about 40 metres, and the maximum around 90. It is not a very easy site to go with beginners, requiring some previous experience.

There is a fountain where you’ll be able to dring and get some fresh water in Monachil.


Los Vados, in Motril.

This area is the natural border between Sierra nevada and the Alpujarras. It has 75 routes with a high average of 30 meters and maximum of 150. The breeze from the sea drops a bit the temperature and creates good conditions for climbing.


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