Pyrenees ski resorts – Practical information to enjoy skiing in the Pyrenees

Which are the best Pyrenees ski resorts?

Not everything in Spain is about beaches, sunshine and fiesta. If so, what would Spaniards do in winter? Skiing in Spain is a great option to enjoy winter in Spain. Some of the best resorts are located in the Pyrenees. Keep reading to figure out how to enjoy skiing in the Pyrenees and where are located the best Pyrenees ski resorts.

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Ski resorts near Barcelona

Barcelona offers different options for every kind of visitor. Even if it’s a city located near the sea, in a couple of hours, you’ll be enjoying practicing winter sports in the mountains between Spain and France. Some of the best Pyerenees ski resorts are located in France, and others in Spain. Obviously, the ones in Spain are nearest Barcelona, but driving one more hour to get to some of the best skiing in french Pyrenees resorts could be a very good option to avoid crowds.

Skiing in Andorra

Andorra is a tiny country in the Pyrenees. Its location makes this country one of the paradise in Spain for ski lovers. Planning your ski holidays in Andorra can be a great option if you want to enjoy skiing during your stay in Spain.

Pyrenees ski resorts: La Molina

If you’re staying and visiting Barcelona in winter, during the ski season, why don’t you spend one day skiing in La Molina ski resort? This one, is connected with La Masella resort and both are 3 hours driving from Barcelona. Some locals wake up early in the morning, drive during 3 hours and spend one entire day skiing in La Molina ski resort.

La Molina and La Masella, wich used to be two different ski resorts, are now a unique one. That’s why they offer ski slopes whatever your ski level expertise is.

Skiing at night in La Molina – La Masella

Fancy enjoying skiing at night? Since this season, you have now the opportunity to practice your favourite sport in La Masella at night.

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Skiing in La Molina: tickets and rates

Rates for skiing in La Molina are not cheap. Because this is one of the ski resort nearest Barcelona,the owners have to put high prices to get a forfait to avoid crowds (or they might take advantage of the closest situation to Barcelona). Follow the link to get information about La Molina ski resort tickets and rates.

How to get to La Molina ski resort Spain

There are different companies who ofer transfers from Barcelona to La Molina. Generally speaking,if you’re not planning to rent a car, taking a bus is one of the best options to get to the ski resort. Follow this link to get information about prices and timetables to get to La Molina and La Masella by bus from Barcelona.

Nuria, another ski resort near Barcelona

Nuria ski resort is located in the pre-Pyrenees. Driving from Barcelona, the mountains that you find before the Pyrenees. It is quite a cozy ski resort. Not to big but not too crowded either, as there’s only access by the Nuria rack railway (called “cremallera” for the locals).
For going to Nuria, you should take the train to Ribes de Freser, and then the “cremallera”. Find out timetables and prices of the train and rack railway to Nuria.

Once you’ll get to the Nuria valley, you’ll find a frozen lake and a monastery. There are places to eat and to spend your nights in case you want to stay there more than one day, like the Hotel Vall de Nuria and full equiped apartments.

Skiing in the Pyrenees: France

Going to ski to the French Pyrenees could be a bit further but cheaper and probably less crowded than going to the ski resorts near Barcelona. Moreover, the snow quality can be much better than the one in the Spanish ski resorts, as you’ll be skiing in the north face of the Pyrenees.

Some of the best ski resorts in the French Pyreees are:

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  • Les Angles One of the bigest French ski resorts. Good quality snow and high quality facilities.
  • Font Romeu:Not as big as Les Angles,but very good quality skiing there too, and cheaper.
  • Cambre d’Aze: Good for practicing ski and snowboard. Obviously they weather in this part of the Pyrenees can be a bit more tricky than in Spanish Pyrenees ski resorts. Remember to check out the weather forecast before getting to the ski resorts.
  • Formigueres: one of the best resorts for practicing cross country skiing in the Pyrenees.



Other Pyrenees ski resorts

A bit further than Barcelona but a very interesting option considering than often the snow is better quality and the ski season longer than in La Molina – La Masella, the following ski resorts are located in the western part of the Spanish Pyrenees:


Most of these websites are just written in Spanish,Catalan and French. If you need any help, just send me a message and I’ll give you a hand planning your ski trip to the Pyrenees.

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