Listening to Los Coronas while travelling

I first heard about Los Coronas while I was travelling around Australia. It’s funny how sometimes you discover things from your own country when you’re far away from home. Totally recommended. This music seems to be perfect for a Quentin Tarantino movie!

Los Coronas


I love taking some nice music with me while travelling and visiting a new country. One of my favorite moments to listen to some music is while I’m on a train. It is cool to watch through the window, see how things are passing by and notice the movement of the train. Very relaxing!

Want to share with you this band called Los Coronas. They are surfers from Madrid (which is kind of funny, as Madrid has no beach….) They define their music as “Surfers music, Spanish style”. Enjoy ‘Adiós Sancho’ by Los Coronas!

[youtube height=”500″ width=”700″][/youtube]

This is Los Coronas oficial website where you can buy their music.

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