How to enjoy La Merce Barcelona Festival

Barcelona has its own festival called La Mercè. Lots of activities are programmed for those days. Concerts, exhibitions, els castellers (human towers) and el corre foc (literally running with fire) are the most popular ones.

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A good opportunity to watch the typical Catalan tradition human towers (els castellers) is during the days when people from Barcelona are enjoying the celebration of La Mercè Festival. 2 milion people live in Barcelona, so expect to find crowded shows during these days.

La Merce Barcelona Festival highlights

My recommendation on what to do in Barcelona and what to visit during La Merce days:

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  • Els castellers (huma towers) at la Plaça Sant Jaume. It is a good opportunity if you are in Barcelona during these days to enjoy a performance of human towers. This is a Catalan tradition and the word “castellers” could be translated as “people related to castles” or “castles builders”. The square will be crowded, so try to get there early in the morning.


  • El corre foc. Have you seen the Woody Allen’s movie “Vicky, Cristina, Barcelona”? There is a scene where Scarlett Johanson and Rebecca Hall are walking around the city at night and there’s a kind of a party where people around they are running and jumping with small pyrotechnic works around them. Well, that’s a corre foc. It is a very popular thing in Catalonia. Maybe more popular in the villages, but Barcelona is still keeping this tradition for the days of La Mercè festival. Is quite a funny thing to stand up at La Via Layetana and watch the guys going down dancing and jumping with this small fire works. It will be crowded but not overwhelming.


  • Check out the concerts program. Lots of concerts are scheduled all around the city during these days. You might be lucky and find one of your favourite artist in the program. Bob Dylan or Jack Johnson have been playing in La Mercè and the entrance is always for free.


    • The last day, you’ll be able to enjoy big fire works in front of the MNAC while the Montjuic colorful fountains and the music is playing. A classis for ending the Mercè days.


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La Merce Barcelona festival for families

Find activities for kids at Parc de la Ciutadella, such as Zoozom, concerts, dance performances and puppets and theater.

[quote align=”center” color=”#999999″]Check out the oficial program and the website where you’ll have the complete guide on how to enjoy La Merce festival in Barcelona.[/quote]

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