How to celebrate with your kids one of the most important festivals in Spain: Las Fallas de Valencia

Yesterday started with the ‘plantà’, one of the most important festivals in Spain: Las Fallas de Valencia 2013. These days the city is already living this large party.


We all know that Las Fallas are one of the great cultural and tourist icons of Valencia and festivals in Spain. The most significant and popular day is 19th March, when more than 300 monuments – some are more than 15 meters wide – except one will be burned. That moment is called “la cremà” (which could be translated as “the burning”).

However, Las Fallas are more than just one night burning monuments. In each Falla we can see the artist’s work, and generally speaking, you’ll find funny criticism towards politicians and other celebrities.


Watch out how small looks that van besides this ninot!

This is the most important celebration in Valencia. The festival starts on March 14th with the “plantà” (the monuments are shown in the streets) until Saint Joseph day, 19th March, when all the monuments except one, will be burned. This is a Fiesta that mobilizes thousands of Valencianos along all the districts and streets of the capital. The combination of art, various shows, parades, fireworks, music, cuisine and long nights of dancing, children’s games, contests and a long list of activities make a unique festival in Spain, which attracts tens of thousands of tourists every year.

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You’ll find mixed traditions in this party such as “mascletás” –from 1st to 19th March every day at 1pm there’s a shooting combo of thousands of firecrackers at the Plaza del Ayuntamiento that cause a spectacular roar – or the fireworks, great artistic monuments, and other religion stuff like the offering of all the monuments to the Virgen de los Desamparados.

Hence, remember the following dates:

  • 14-15th March: la plantà – the first day, when the fallas
  • 17th March: la Ofrenda — the offering of all the monuments to the Virgen de los Desamparados.
  • 18th March: la nit del foc – big fireworks
  • 19th March: la cremà – that night, all the monuments, except one, will be burned.

Remember though, there’s party everywhere from the 15th till the 19th. So enjoy all those days! Spain-festivals-fallas-valencia

Which are the most important Fallas of Valencia?

Those called the “special section”, which are, in the end, the most expensive and spectacular, among these Na Jordana, Nou Campanar or El Pilar. Many of them are located in the Centre of the city and its cost may exceed the 100,000 Euros. Anyway, there are dozens of large Fallas between the 800 Fallas (some of them for children which are highly recommended) that are located in the city.

What can I do if I am visiting Valencia and Las Fallas with my children?

If you are visiting the city with kids, don’t worry, there are also activities for them in Valencia during those days. There will be an election of a Fallera Mayor Infantil who (as the adult Fallera Mayor) will be the ambassador of all the celebrations during one year. You’ll find along the streets children’s Fallas.

Years ago kids used to build their own Fallas with boxes and puppets. They used to roam the streets asking for materials for their monuments, and obviously, on 19th March they burned them. Children’s Fallas disappeared in the 1950s and adults are now obligated to look after at least one child’s Falla. Spain-festivals-fallas-valencia

Kids will love walking on the streets watching the children’s monuments with funny faces. Those are smaller than the big ones but still 3 meters wide. Normally the monuments are a representation of cartoons characters or of stories and issues related to a normal family life. One of these chindren’s Falla will also get a prize and it will be saved from burning.

By the way, do not think that because those monuments are for children means that they are cheap, they cost like the big ones, a true fortune, I found once one of them which cost of €180.000. Spain-festivals-fallas-valencia


If this is one of the most popular festivals in Spain, would you recommendo me to get there by car?

It is highly recommended to not come to Valencia these days by car. The city is crowded, and you will not be allows to drive through more than 800 streets due to the exposition of the Fallas. It is ideal to go by public transport. RENFE (Spanish railway) offers numerous trains: from Madrid with AVE (high speed train) and from (Barcelona and Tarragona) with Euromed. Lots of bus lines are organizing these days trips to Valencia. Once you’ll be there, take the subway for moving around the city. Spain-festivals-fallas-valencia

Once you arrive to Valencia go to the tourist office and ask for a Valencia Tourist Card. There are different offers these days up to 15% discount.

I would also recommend you to book a guided tour around the old city.


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  1. Caitlyn March 22, 2013 at 5:31 PM - Reply

    I loved Las Fallas this year! You have some lovely pics 🙂

    • Maria March 22, 2013 at 6:04 PM - Reply

      Thanks Caitlyn! Happy that you liked it! 🙂

  2. Paula Raga Benet November 8, 2015 at 8:19 AM - Reply

    Hello! Here’s Paula from Valencia!
    I want to notice some things about Fallas. We don’t save one monument from fire… just one puppet (ninot) -All the monument it’s too large to be saved- Thats “ninots” from every year can be visited on the Fallas Museum, near the City of Arts and Sciences.
    And another notice: Nou Campanar is no going to continue making Fallas, the financial crisis arrived, and they dissolved the meetings this year. But in the neighbourhood of Campanar still is the big falla of L’Antiga de Campanar.
    Don’t forget to visit the spectacular light arrangements in Ruzafa!!
    And please, enjoy!
    Lots of love:


    • Maria January 25, 2016 at 9:57 AM - Reply

      Thanks for your comments!!!!! Good to have nice clarifications from native Spanish people! 🙂

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