I love father’s day in Catalonia because… I love crema catalana

Today is 19th February, which means some people are enjoying the last and main day of Las Fallas de Valencia and others are celebrating father’s day in a more relaxed way, enjoying a nice meal and crema catalana as a dessert.


This day, people enjoy dad’s company. Spaniards normally give a small present to their dad. Personally I will have lunch with him and will enjoy a good Crema Catalana that I prepared yesterday as a dessert. For the ones who never heard about this dessert, we could say it is a sort of creme brullee. Sweet and nice.

I’ve been told that the reason why Catalans have crema catalana as dessert, it is because during this period of the year, hens (chucks for Aussies and Kiwis ;-))are very fertile and, decades ago, there was an excess of eggs every year during February – March. That’s why it is very popular in Catalonia to cook meals with eggs during these months and crema catalana is one of these popular meals.

As I mention, yesterday I cooked the Crema Catalana. Here some pics and for the ones who want to try it, the recipie:

We need: A liter of fresh milk, 10 egg yolks (only 9 if the eggs are big), 10 tablespoon of sugar, a piece of cinnamon (much better to use a little branch of cinnamon and not powder cinnamon), the skin of a lemon, 2 tablespoons of corn flour  (Corn starch Maizena).


Put the milk into a pot (best non-sticky one) and add the cinnamon, the lemon peel and the sugar.

Mix the cornflour with a little bit of milk and the egg yolks into a bowl. Pour that mixture into the pot with the milk, the cinnamon the lemon peel and the sugar. Important: pour it with a strainer for not getting any lump.


Put the pot with all that mixture on the fire. It is important not to let it boiled. For avoiding the mixture to get stick or to get lumps, move it with a wooden spoon.

You’ll see it will get thicker. Then, once you are starting to get a nice cream take off the cinnamon and the lemon peel and just before it starts boiling (remember: we don’t want to boil it! We just want to get a nice cream!), remove it from the fire and quickly pour it into individual dishes.


TIP: For avoiding getting lumps, it is very important not to let it boil and to pour it very fast into the individual dishes.

Finally, when it is cold, cover it with sugar and burn that sugar.


Ready to eat. Enjoy it!




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