How to get cheap flights to Spain?

How to get cheap flights to Spain


“Hey Maria, how can I get a cheap flight to Spain?” That’s a question I’m asked by my Australian friends when they want to visit Spain. It’s true that buying a flight to Spain will cost you a few dollars, but don’t think about cost, think about inversion. In other words, the time that you’ll spend in this beautiful country will be worth it.

Okay, once you’ve decided to visit Spain, the only way is to fly if you’re coming from North America, South America, Oceania or Asia. When I fly from Spain to Australia (or the other way around), I follow a certain sequence in order to get the best airfare.


Tips for getting the best price:

1. Book the ticket in advance. The sooner you do it, the better, because cheap fares are never offered at the last minute. In fact, a last-minute flight should only be taken in an emergency, since it will cost plenty to do so.
2. Be flexible with dates. Try to fly on Tuesdays, Wednesdays or Thursdays.
3. If you have a frequent-flyer card with an international airline, try to exchange some of your miles for a good ticket.

4. I always try different international search websites:

  • I’ve only found the best price once with this website. The probabilities of finding good prices on this website are low, but still.
  • This is the best one. You’ll get very good options, sorted by price. You can also view the prices for an entire month.
  •  This isn’t good as Skyscanner, but they are ok


5. You can get good results looking for flights on these Spanish search websites, since they work better with Spanish airlines:


6. Once you have chosen your flight through those websites and you click on the selected flight, you’ll probably be redirected to other websites like If that’s happens, WAIT! Don’t buy the ticket yet! Instead, go to the airline website and try to find the same flight. The chances are good that you’ll get a lower price than you would via a portal.

7. Another option for good fares to Spain is to look for flights to London or Paris. From there, any of various good airlines can bring you to Spain in a couple of hours and for a very low price.

If you decide to fly to London, Paris or Amsterdam, look for flights to Spain with the following low-cost airlines:


Watch out with Ryanair!!!! They have very low prices, but they normally don’t use the main airports. Your landing point could be two or three hours by bus from the city you really want to visit.

My last piece of advice is this: Remember to note how long the trip will take, the number of connections and the hours of departure and arrival. For example, if you’re coming from Oceania, you could get very cheap flights but it will take 50 hours to reach Barcelona with six to eight hours’ connection somewhere in Asia.

I prefer to spend a bit more of money but get to my destination within 24 hours!



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