Los Coronas

Listening to Los Coronas while travelling

I first heard about Los Coronas while I was travelling around Australia. It’s funny how sometimes you discover things from your own country when you’re far away from home. Totally recommended. This music seems to be perfect for a Quentin Tarantino movie! I love taking some nice music with me while travelling and visiting a new country. One of my favorite moments to listen to some music is while I’m on a train. It is
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Listening good Spanish guitar

Yes… I know they are Mexican and not from Spain, but I wish I could play the Spanish guitar like they do!  However, I wonder why they had to smash all those guitars…. Enjoy!    Rodrigo y Gabriela. Diablo rojo     ‘Rodrigo y Gabriela’ is a Spanish guitar duo from Mexico. They became very popular in Ireland and later in the rest of Europe. Generally speaking they create acoustic rock a
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