Spanish omelette-tortilla de patatas-recipie-by jaycross

How to cook the real Spanish omelette

Various restaurants I’ve visited in my foreign travels have offered what they called a Spanish omelette, usually something with a mix of vegetables. A genuine Spanish omelette, however, is made a certain way, and for those who’ve tried it there is just no substitute.   To make a real Spanish omelette, follow these easy directions (to serve four): Spanish omelette (tortilla de patatas) recipie   Step 1: Wa
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I love father’s day in Catalonia because… I love crema catalana

Today is 19th February, which means some people are enjoying the last and main day of Las Fallas de Valencia and others are celebrating father’s day in a more relaxed way, enjoying a nice meal and crema catalana as a dessert. This day, people enjoy dad’s company. Spaniards normally give a small present to their dad. Personally I will have lunch with him and will enjoy a good Crema Catalana that I prepared yesterday a
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