Spanish culture
Spanish omelette-tortilla de patatas-recipie-by jaycross

How to cook the real Spanish omelette

Various restaurants I’ve visited in my foreign travels have offered what they called a Spanish omelette, usually something with a mix of vegetables. A genuine Spanish omelette, however, is made a certain way, and for those who’ve tried it there is just no substitute.   To make a real Spanish omelette, follow these easy directions (to serve four): Spanish omelette (tortilla de patatas) recipie   Step 1: Wa
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Luca Asen - Things I missed of Spain

What I missed of Spain while traveling

Spanish things I used to miss when traveling during my gap year Years ago, I decided to take a break of my professional career and started traveling as far as I could. I am from Spain, so the further I could go during my gap year was New Zealand. After living and working in NZ, I moved to Australia, and finally to South East Asia. I love all these countries. The experiences, cultures, people in each country were cool
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Dragon Las Ramblas Barcelona

Does any one know why there is a dragon in Las Ramblas?

Lots of tourists take pictures of this nice dragon while walking along Las Ramblas. It is quite a funny thing, that most of them, don’t know why this statue is hanging up there, looking at us. I went to the Caixa Forum exhibition last month and discovered what this little friend is doing up there. Japanese art is the answer. During the mid of the 19th century, lots of artists in Spain were seduced by Japanise art and
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Madrid tourism. Spain

Madrid tourism: spending 4 days in Madrid

Last week I spent 4 days in Madrid. Going to the Reina Sofia Museum and watching an exceptional Dali exhibition plus the famous Picasso’s painting El Gernika, was one of the highlights of my breakaway to Madrid. Last weekend I saw the temporary exhibition of Dali at the Museo Reina Sofia. That was cool. In an hour and a half, I had the opportunity to get an overview of Dali’s works during his life. I learned lots of
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Los Coronas

Listening to Los Coronas while travelling

I first heard about Los Coronas while I was travelling around Australia. It’s funny how sometimes you discover things from your own country when you’re far away from home. Totally recommended. This music seems to be perfect for a Quentin Tarantino movie! I love taking some nice music with me while travelling and visiting a new country. One of my favorite moments to listen to some music is while I’m on a train. It is
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