Planning your trip to Spain
Inspiring books travel Spain

Inspiring books for your trip to Spain

Sometimes, we want to travel and to schedule our holidays, and we don’t know exactly where to go. We like travelling, but the world is so big and there are so many countries, cities and places to go, that the decision where to spend your next holidays can be a bit overwhelming. We’ve chosen 13 inspiring books to travel around Spain for helping taking the decision to visit this marvelous country. 1. Death in the
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menu of the day-menu del dia-spainatyourpace

What is the menu of the day?

Generally speaking, Spaniards have 5 meals during the day: breakfast early in the morning, second breakfast at 10am, lunch at 2 or 2.30pm, a break during the afternoon (6.30pm) and dinner at 9pm. The big meal is normally lunch, and it consist of a first plate, a second plate and a dessert. While traveling to Spain, you’ll find restaurants offering the “menu del dia” (menu of the day). Keep reading a
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Book online renfe

How to buy RENFE train tickets online

Booking a train ticket at RENFE’s website can be very annoying, as the website is not the best concerning bookings and often the English version doesn’t work properly. But it is worth booking your ticket in advance through Renfe’s site and without a travel agency help, as you’ll be able to save money. To help booking your train tickets in Spain, here you’ve got a step by step guide on how to buy Renfe train tic
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rail spain madrid atocha travel

Spain by train: Inter-rail or Eurail?

Visiting Europe and Spain by train is a cool way to get to the great cities of Europe, in comfort, seeing a lot in a remarkably short time. But it’s more than that, train travel is part of the European way of life, the way we Europeans travel, and an experience in itself.   Visiting Europe and Spain by train is a great option, but keep in mind that in Europe each country has its railway line. If you want t
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Where to buy Spanish travel guide

Spain travel guides, recommendations and where to buy them

Some advice on which Spanish travel guide should you get and where to buy them When my friends and clients want to travel to Spain, they ask me for advice on which Spain travel guide they should get for the trip and where to buy it. The answer depends on what you hope to do in Spain and what your plan consists of while you’re here. Generally, I offer a few recommendations: Lonely Planet Spain Travel Guide I alw
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