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Spain at YourPace was born…

…in response to the many requests for travel advice our founder started to receive from her apartment guests and others. It was natural for people to do that, since she had always rented rooms in her Barcelona apartment for the benefit of tourists who wanted to see and feel the city as a native would. Soon she became the Spanish tourism adviser for her “touristy” tenants. Most of them used to ask her about places to visit in Barcelona, as they wanted to get off the beaten track and spend some time at places that were popular with the locals. To make it easier for them, she launched the website www.whattodoinbarcelona.com

Nowadays we are a small group of people in our thirties and forties, passionate travelers and Spanish Travel Consultants. We have spent much of our adult life traveling the world. Part of us saw much of Europe, followed by the United States. Others had a chance to see Oceania and Asia, courtesy of a one-way ticket. Besides traveling, some of us have business and marketing university degrees. We enjoy sports–hiking, jogging, yoga and swimming are our favorites–along with reading, cooking, watching documentaries, movies and listening to music. As good Spaniards, there’s someone within our team who can play the Spanish guitar pretty well!

Based on our travel knowledge, we were able to help friends and relatives get the most of their visits to foreign countries, including Italy, Spain, Thailand, Australia and New Zealand. They were happy to have the advice, and they frequently recommended others to us. However, there was so much growth in regard to travel in Spain that we were able to concentrate on our specialty. Even today, after many years as travel consultants, it’s a special feeling to share our love of Spain with people from all over the world.

The early days were different. Often our advice-seekers were guys in their early twenties who had plenty of time but little practical knowledge. Over the ensuing years, our clientele evolved to include young professionals and couples with children who, given their jobs and other responsibilities, didn’t have the time needed to research and plan their trips. They wanted to travel independently, avoiding groups and tours organized by agencies. It was also a plus if they could go where the regular people did; where the food, music and conversation made their own perfect blend.

This is where Spain at Your Pace comes in. After an initial consultation in which to learn about your interests and priorities, we’ll plan an ideal vacation in Spain. If you prefer–perhaps if you’ve been to Spain before–we can plan the entire trip and provide a detailed written itinerary for use during the trip.

Who are we?

  • We are Spaniards, expert travelers and we even have the experience of been living abroad, as in France, Holland, New Zealand, Australia and South East Asia.We can offer tips about travel insurance, luggage, cell-phone usage language . . . all from an expert traveler’s perspective.

  • We have been tour guides in Barcelona.

  • We have traveled extensively in Spain. Barcelona, Madrid, Granada, Seville, Cordoba and San Sebastian are among our favorites cities.

  • Obviously, we speak perfect Spanish and Catalan. The benefit is that, while we work on your trip, we do my research in Spanish. So, we can access many more reviews, perspectives and other kinds of information that you can’t access if you only speak English.
  • We have lived in several countries. We speak fluent French, English and have a basic knowledge of Dutch. It means there is no miscommunication when we’ll make reservations or bookings.

  • We have university degrees in business, and we’ve worked for successful Spanish corporations. We have the ability to manage projects, handle budgets and focus on our clients’ needs.
  • We work on a fee basis–not commission. After all, a considerable part of planning your trip involves spending time on things that don’t involve commissions, such as transportation, food, festivals, and the overall flow and balance of your itinerary. Therefore, we won’t recommend hotels, activities or guides based on who might offer commissions. Instead, we’ll recommend only what will help you get the most out of your time and budget.

Shall we start planning your trip to Spain?

Share your first ideas with us and a travel agent will contact you very soon.