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Best photo of Spain 2013 gallery

Our gallery of the best 2013 pictures of Spain

2014 has started and we left 2013 behind. With all its good and bad things. We want though, to remember the good ones. We’ve been writting post, sharing with you commentis, tips and information about travelling around Spain. We’ve been travellers too, keeping our interest in getting more knowledge about this beautiful country. From all these experiences, we’ve been taking photos and some friends hav
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Spring has arrived to Girona, Spain. Nice flower festival: “Temps de Flors”

I love Girona in Spain. Is one of those small cities that I like visiting from time to time. Two hours by train from Barcelona, is worth to visit it in May during the “Temps de flors” (something like “Flower time festival”). Yesterday I went to Girona. For the last couple of years, I had not visited the city during the “Temps de flors” festival, and I thought it was time again to take the train at Passeig
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Snow in Barcelona!

Would you recognize this city if Sagrada Familia was not starring? Barcelona covered by snow, what an unusual view! We love it! Do you? © iPhoto Barcelona Snow in Barcelona is not usual at all. A couple of weeks ago, I went out to dinner with some friends. It was rather cold, yes, but I couldn’t imagine that I should use my hood to cover me from the snow while I was going back home! I woke up the next day. It w
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