Las fallas festival in Valencia. When, how and where to enjoy it

In March a big Festival takes place in Spain: Las Fallas de Valencia. From 1st to 19th the city is immerse in a nice and funny atmosphere where locals and visitors walk around the streets to enjoy the big figures in the streets called ninots. Las fallas in Spain and its fireworks is one of the most important and popular festivals in the country. Don’t miss it! What is Las Fallas? Las Fallas is the name of the f
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Spring has arrived to Girona, Spain. Nice flower festival: “Temps de Flors”

I love Girona in Spain. Is one of those small cities that I like visiting from time to time. Two hours by train from Barcelona, is worth to visit it in May during the “Temps de flors” (something like “Flower time festival”). Yesterday I went to Girona. For the last couple of years, I had not visited the city during the “Temps de flors” festival, and I thought it was time again to take the train at Passeig
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Enjoying Sant Jordi’s day in Barcelona

Sant Jordi’s day is one of my favourite celebrations in Barcelona. I like walking around and enjoying the atmosphere of the city. I like watching happy people carrying a rose on their hands and buying books.   Yesterday I went down town to have a walk around the streets in Barcelona. Sant Jordi’s day (Saint George’s day) it’s a sort of St. Valentines day in Catalunya but I also think it’s a day when people cele
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Festivals Spain Carnival by Cortto

Best carnival festivals in Spain

Where to celebrate carnival in Spain? We have lots of festivals in Spain, and next weekend is marked by the celebration of Carnival. This is the lead-up to the period of Lent in the Christian calendar–which culminates with Easter–and its dates change from one year to the next. According to the lunar year, it could be anywhere between late January and early March. Its etymology, the Latin carnsi priuium, translates to
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