Madrid tourism. Spain

Madrid tourism: spending 4 days in Madrid

Last week I spent 4 days in Madrid. Going to the Reina Sofia Museum and watching an exceptional Dali exhibition plus the famous Picasso’s painting El Gernika, was one of the highlights of my breakaway to Madrid. Last weekend I saw the temporary exhibition of Dali at the Museo Reina Sofia. That was cool. In an hour and a half, I had the opportunity to get an overview of Dali’s works during his life. I learned lots of
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Los Coronas

Listening to Los Coronas while travelling

I first heard about Los Coronas while I was travelling around Australia. It’s funny how sometimes you discover things from your own country when you’re far away from home. Totally recommended. This music seems to be perfect for a Quentin Tarantino movie! I love taking some nice music with me while travelling and visiting a new country. One of my favorite moments to listen to some music is while I’m on a train. It is
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Enjoying Sant Jordi’s day in Barcelona

Sant Jordi’s day is one of my favourite celebrations in Barcelona. I like walking around and enjoying the atmosphere of the city. I like watching happy people carrying a rose on their hands and buying books.   Yesterday I went down town to have a walk around the streets in Barcelona. Sant Jordi’s day (Saint George’s day) it’s a sort of St. Valentines day in Catalunya but I also think it’s a day when people cele
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I love father’s day in Catalonia because… I love crema catalana

Today is 19th February, which means some people are enjoying the last and main day of Las Fallas de Valencia and others are celebrating father’s day in a more relaxed way, enjoying a nice meal and crema catalana as a dessert. This day, people enjoy dad’s company. Spaniards normally give a small present to their dad. Personally I will have lunch with him and will enjoy a good Crema Catalana that I prepared yesterday a
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Listening good Spanish guitar

Yes… I know they are Mexican and not from Spain, but I wish I could play the Spanish guitar like they do!  However, I wonder why they had to smash all those guitars…. Enjoy!    Rodrigo y Gabriela. Diablo rojo     ‘Rodrigo y Gabriela’ is a Spanish guitar duo from Mexico. They became very popular in Ireland and later in the rest of Europe. Generally speaking they create acoustic rock a
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